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No contamination:
The processing of stainless steel only and the absence of ferrous material from any department or warehouse of our company allows us to guarantee a zero contamination risk.

Accuracy and repeatability:
Total compliance with all tolerance requirements according to the reference standards and according to specific control plans set up with our customers will guarantee precision, a key factor in cases where, during production phases, robotic welding is carried out, gaskets are fitted, and accessories are added to complete the tank.

Surface finishing and polishing:
Surfaces perfectly polished according to customer specifications, flawless, satin finished, marble finish, flower patterned , finishing carried out in-house in our dedicated department equipped with special machinery: this will guarantee outstanding accuracy and the removal of even the tiniest imperfection.

Dished head drilling:
The heads can be perforated straight after polishing, or laser traced, in order to save considerable time during production, avoid manual drilling errors, and optimise the production process. 3D laser cutting allows all types of drilling and  hole shapes to be obtained, so that all the accessories or couplings to the dished head can then be welded by our customers.

Guaranteed confidentiality:
Right from the start, Inox Fondi has worked side by side with top industry players, and can guarantee the highest level of confidentiality when it comes to its customers' information. Confidentiality and secrecy are ensured according to top level regulations and standards, and through NDAs (confidentiality agreements) submitted on our customers' request.

Quality and certifications:
A dedicated and certified quality department, product and process inspections according to specific regulations, and certifications (see certification list), quality and dimensional checks throughout the process, welding seam X-ray scans, penetrating liquid tests supervised by the customer on request, or by the supervisor appointed by the certifying body. When carrying out even the simplest procedures, we monitor our entire process and ask our customers to carry out product and process audits, because quality at Inox Fondi is a very serious matter and not just a certificate to hang on the wall.

Cost effectiveness:
Cost effectiveness means that we offer a component of an outstanding level of accuracy ; this is what makes us different to our competitors', who have not implemented our quality control processes and finishes. The cost savings in production for our customers considerably exceed the initial extra cost. We supply all the market leaders because they are well aware of all the hidden costs originated by products not as fine-tuned as ours. We are happy and proud to report what our customers say about us: "You can tell when it's Inox Fondi!".

Dished heads in stainless steel for tanks. Made to measure stainless steel pipes for special industrial applications. From design to delivery.


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